The WEB 2.0 and the Contact Center (Customer

The WEB 2.0 and the Contact Center (Customer Service)

The Outsourcing of Services (Outsourcing and Offshoring) currently represents $100 billion in global revenue, with an annual growth sustainable global above double digits in the last five years and according to studies conducted by consulting companies, this trend kept for another 5 years. In Latin American context, Colombia stands out from other countries, inter alia, by its geographical position (close to USA and connectivity of optical fiber submarine cables) and the good service from their people.

One of the BPO service is customer service through Contact Centers (before Call Centers) where Colombia is playing an important role in the global context. And it is here where you can see the integration and the impact of Web 2.0 on the Call Center business. 5 years ago, all the people communicated with customer service lines through phone lines and hence the name Call Center. People working in the call center at the time, should have skills in diction and active listening.  Concepts such as social networks, community manager, tweets, and walls didn’t exist. In fact, many of the agent stations (people receiving calls) hadn’t internet access.

With the advent of Web 2.0 facilitates information sharing, interoperability and collaboration on the World Wide Web. The users can interact and collaborate among themselves. Customers quickly become multichannel customers that require service through the medium they want. Media such as Twitter, chat, emails, Facebook are becoming more and more frequent in the jargon for the successful customer service. So things, companies that were in the call center business must evolve if they wanted to be at the forefront. They should evolve from the voice (Call) to multi contact companies (Contact).  Currently, all companies in the customer care business have a Contact Center, a concept that integrates all the features of interaction and collaboration with clients. Concepts such as social networks, community manager, tweets, and walls appear instantly. The people’s (agents) core competencies are based on the facility to interact in social networks and very good skills in writing.

Today more than 15% of the transaction in the Contact Center and 10% of revenue in Colombia comes from the social networks or digital media. 5 years ago was zero! Fortunately for who are in the Contact Center business in Colombia, the industry has had growths over two digits because they understood the new current, the WEB 2.0.


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